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Your home, commercial building, or property portfolio is a valuable asset, and maintaining these structures to a high standard ensures that their value will continue to increase. Because you know your business, you know Surface Prep building paint remover provides an intelligent solution when it’s time to upgrade the paintwork on your structures.

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Surface Prep is an Australian owned solution for your building paint remover needs.

Addressing worn out surfaces is a great way to refresh your home or business. When it comes to removing the coating you currently have in place, choosing the building paint remover tested and used across tough industries, including marine and mining industries, makes sense. Sea to Sky Coating Remover ​​SPC 203N has been proved effective in the most challenging conditions, and you know it’s the most efficient building paint remover when it comes to your domestic and commercial refurbishment. Choosing to source your building paint remover from Surface Prep ensures a fast turnaround on delivery, a fair price, and a quality guarantee.

Safety and your building paint remover

Domestic and commercial paint removal may be hazardous depending on the products you use and the coating you are stripping from your structure. Surface Prep supplies water-based building paint remover that is more environmentally friendly and safer than traditional paint strippers. 

There is increased risk if you are using building paint remover on a house or commercial building constructed and decorated before the 1970s – this is because of the prevalence of lead-based paints employed across the board during this period. Even if the top coating on your structure is safe, layers of lead paint may have simply been washed down and painted over. 

Risks increase with the frequency of exposure, so when you are choosing building paint remover for stripping commercial buildings, you go for the option that promises reduced toxicity and less disbursement of lead particles. Our building paint remover stays damp for longer, encapsulating lead for markedly safer removal – this means it’s more user friendly.

SPC 203N

Efficient building paint remover

If you are looking at repainting a portfolio of rental properties, an apartment building, or working across local bodies on multiple public projects, you come to Surface Prep for Sea To Sky Coating Remover SPC 203N. This is the best multi-faceted product on the market to tackle a variety of surfaces, a building paint remover that works safely and effectively across stone, steel, wood, aluminium and concrete substrates. You get a lower evaporation rate which reduces your product consumption, and SPC 203N stays wet for longer, which allows you to work across large areas more efficiently and at less cost. 


Sea To Sky Coating building paint remover for residential and commercial use reduces overall project time and its water-based, biodegradable construction is more environmentally friendly, providing a safer work experience for you and your team. This is the product you use across lead-based paints, two pack paints, epoxies, and polyurethanes. Because it stays moist for longer, it penetrates through more layers with greater efficiency.

Environmentally safer

Surface Prep works hard to target sustainable initiatives across all our products; this means our building paint remover is water-based and classified as a non-dangerous good. As we are located in Melbourne, storage and transport are safer, and our carbon footprint is lower – making yours less too. Our building paint remover is low odour, and you know this provides you with a better stripping experience and fewer headaches all around. Surface Prep is always targeting ways to ensure our customers’ chemical solutions are more environmentally friendly.

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Some of the leading aerospace companies who trust our chemical solutions and aviation paint stripping products include:

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• Areoglaze and Chemglaze

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