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You can be sure that when it comes to expert chemical solutions for protection, cleaning, maintenance, and preparation – Surface Prep delivers. Optimum performance requires premium products, don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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We provide aviation paint stripping solutions for most aircraft.

Surface Prep provides chemical aviation paint stripping for a wide range of aircraft models. Approved and used by some of the largest aerospace companies in the world, our specialised products provide optimum aviation paint stripping solutions. Because we are focused on sustainable outcomes, we include water-based products throughout our catalogue – and our aviation paint stripping merchandise works at being non-carcinogenic and hitting industry standards across VOCs. Surface Prep supplies the best and the safest aviation paint stripping solutions.

SPC 909N

Hydrogen peroxide activated aviation paint stripping

SPC-909N is a premium aviation coating remover explicitly designed for aerospace applications. Providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendlier solution for the removal of coatings from aircraft surfaces, SPC-909N comes in a gel form with smart colour built in to assist with even coverage during application. This is a Hydrogen peroxide activated aviation paint stripping product that goes the distance to remove multiple paint layers and difficult primers efficiently. Safe to use across aluminium, mild steel, high strength steel, and titanium when used as directed, SPC-909N is classified as a non-dangerous good for easier shipping and storage. This Hydrogen Peroxide activated aviation paint stripping solution is not recommended for use on magnesium surfaces.  

Our aviation paint stripping  range is designed to meet all your stripping requirements; Surface Prep aviation paint stripping works successfully to remove a range of coatings, including epoxies, acrylics, polyurethanes, and alkyd-urethanes. You use the class of excellent aviation paint stripping options that serves you user friendlier options, and you get the job done in less time – which saves you money.


To ensure optimum adhesion for all your coatings, including paint, use Socogel. This water-based option inhibits corrosion with enhanced bonding for mineral, organic and metallic surfaces. Surface Prep supplies Socogel, adapted for use from Airbus and Boeing patents because it’s hexavalent chromium-free for elevated safety. Addressing aesthetics, adhesion, anti-erosion and ensuring your surfaces are easy to clean, Socogel promotes adhesion without electrical conductivity.

Aviation paint stripping and fuel efficiency

Effective, consistent aviation paint stripping works to improve your burn rate. When you correctly remove the paint and carbon buildup from your aircraft, you provide a more even distribution for your fresh paint, thus enabling a more efficient life cycle running cost across your fleet. When aviation paint stripping is addressed with the right products, you enhance streamlined operations. Surface Prep removes the middle man; this means hitting bottom-line targets, increased clarity of service, and delivery that comes to you from right here in Melbourne. Our business supports your business by supporting Australians.

Aviation paint stripping 

Our maintenance and preparation products are designed to complement our cleaning and preparation merchandise; this works to ensure your team is never mixing dangerously incompatible chemicals. We address all your aviation paint stripping needs from testing through to coating, we take care of you, and we take try to care of the environment. Our aviation paint stripping products are chemically engineered according to current guidelines that aim to meet the industry’s best sustainable practices, and we pride ourselves on safe delivery.

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Our warehouse is stocked with an extensive range of products, and unfortunately, not every product is currently listed online. If there is a specific product you are seeking that is not listed, please get in touch with us, and we can help you source it.

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Some of the leading aerospace companies who trust our chemical solutions and aviation paint stripping products include:

• Socomore

• Sea to Sky

• Areoglaze and Chemglaze

• Dysol

• Magchem

• Mader Areo

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We proudly import the following brands for all your aerospace requirements

Our aerospace product solutions include: 

Liquid and gel environmentally friendly water-based paint strippers, degreasers and cleaners, pre-saturated wipes, water-based lubricants, protection, sol-gels and conversion solutions, solvents, treatment and activation solutions for metal surfaces, non-destructive testing, structural adhesives and solutions for the preparation and protection of metal surfaces or composite materials. Liquid and frozen moldable shim materials, adhesion promoting coatings, anti-erosion coatings and conductive coatings. Boeing and AirBus approved scrapers.