Aerospace approved solvents
Dysol supplies solvents, chemical products, lubricants, as well
as speciality fluids suitable for many applications.

INTRODUCING: DYSOL chemical impregnated WIPES

Along with Socomore Innovation is one of Dysol’s strong points, and we love the Socomore wipes impregnated with Dysol chemicals. The wipes are pre-saturated with a measured amount of product to evenly prepare your aircraft or other surfaces with no waste, which also works to standardise and reduce the cost of cleaning operations. By having a pre-saturated wipe, you will be eliminating liquid and manual saturations which can easily lead to miscalculation or overuse of a product. Enjoy the savings, productiveness and reliability that wipes from the Dysol range can add to your operations. 

Dysol joins a long pedigree of aircraft preparation specialists under the Socomore umbrella and we supply their products directly to the Australian market, staying on the edge of the latest developments to deliver the best preparation chemicals on the international market.

Our Dysol Products
  • Our Dysol Products